Employee Care Services

We offer the following services to employees and their immediate family members:

Workplace Support
We provide conflict resolution and communication support to employees and managers, and we’re there to be an impartial listening ear when needed.

Crisis Care
We provide help during the first critical hours and days of any crisis. Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency care and support. We also provide hospital visitation, funeral coordination, and short-term grief care.

Marital and Family Care
Our chaplains are ready to help your family with pre-marital counseling, wedding officiating, marriage care, parenting plans, and even family finances. We also provide support for those going through divorce.

Premarital Counseling
We offer premarital counseling (religious and non-religious) for those couples who wish to prepare for their marriage.

Spiritual Support and Direction
For those who want spiritual care, we don’t proselytize about our faith journey, we help you with yours. We can listen, answer questions, and provide prayer and spiritual direction when needed.

Health and Wellness
Health is an integrated puzzle. We teach a variety of stress management skills and can also connect you or a family member to long-term counseling and substance- abuse support resources if needed.

Relationship Dynamics
“No man is an island…” John Donne’s famous quote alludes to the reality that we are all interconnected in some way, and must learn how to relate properly with one another, whether in work or personal relationships. These relationships may have healthy dynamics or not. We aim to discover relationship practices that will inspire healthy, life-giving relationships.