Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

We provide integrative services of care to help employees flourish personally and professionally through corporate culture making, character development, crisis care response, and seeking the common good in the local community.

Animating Principles and Core Values

Commonplace: Work and life occur in common places, where we seek opportunities to grow and thrive. We are learning new habits and routines that create the frameworks for us to flourish in everyday settings. Our vision is to see the commonplace restored with dignity and care.

Integrative Care: We are seeking a holistic approach to flourishing that draws from sources such as our spiritual tradition, social sciences, ethics, organizational psychology, leadership development, and personal experiences. We are intricate people with varied worldviews, presuppositions, and narratives. We have a lense that acknowledges and respects a vista of people with diverse backgrounds and seek to dignify their journeys, meeting people where they are. An integrative approach affirms an inclusive stance towards people and their stories.

Flourish: to flourish is to thrive in the whole of our lives. It is the concept of being human in a way that generates goodness within and towards others. We aim to see all flourish personally and professionally

Corporate Culture Making: we see ourselves as cultural curators, keepers of the core values and vision of your company as it seeks to flourish.

Character Development: we journey with others as they seek inner growth and development.

Crisis Care Response: a crisis can be a troubling time for many. We offer crisis care and counseling to provide comfort and support during pivotal moments.

Seeking the Common Good: Our vision extends to others in public ways that foster the good that is common to all. In this manner, we care about social justice and self-efficacy as means to transform our local community. Commonplace is actively partnering with private (corporations), public (local civic offices), and social (parish, nonprofits) entities for the sake of seeing communities and individuals flourish.